Workplace Training

We work directly with organisations across Australia educating staff and key leaders how to manage the impacts of domestic and family violence in the workplace more effectively, increasing staff safety and reducing organisational risk.

Our programs are tailored to your company and align with Australian domestic and family violence prevention strategies nationwide. We understand one size does not fit all so we create specific solutions to deliver upon our clients strategic goals and vision.

We have a range of customised consultancy and training packages available to suit the needs of your enterprise.

All our consultancy training programs are designed to:

  • Increase employee knowledge to recognise domestic and family violence.
  • Know your role, what to do and how to help.
  • Understand the effects on employees impacted and how to implement workplace safety plans.
  • Show you how to provide appropriate and safe responses to employee disclosures of violence and abuse.
  • Manage workplace risks and meet duty of care requirements.
  • Navigate the complexities of performance management for either:
    - employees impacted by violence and abuse or
    - employees who may or do use violence and abuse in your workplace.
  • Allow you to get immediate help for colleagues that works.

Our consultancy training programs are suitable for:

  • CEO’s, corporate leaders, managers and business owners
  • HR and people culture professionals
  • Work Health and Safety representatives
  • All team members across organisations
  • First responders and other key employees leading domestic and family violence responses in the workplace

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