Sunshine Coast Employers Creating Safer Workplaces for Staff Exposed to Domestic Violence

Sunshine Coast Employers Creating Safer Workplaces for Staff Exposed to Domestic Violence

Employers are Becoming More Informed – Do You Know How Much Domestic and Family Violence is Costing Your Business?

Domestic and family violence is no longer a private issue happening behind closed doors at home.  It is everyone’s business and a public issue that is likely to be impacting your workplace, costing large sums of money.

The opportunity cost of lost productivity to the Australian economy was estimated at $2.1 billion during 2014-15.[1]

These costs are often not recognised as domestic violence related so Sunshine Coast businesses are educating themselves how to build safer workplaces and make a difference when staff are exposed to domestic and family violence at work.

Queensland’s Julie Bannister of Key Business Connections has invited a number of employers to learn more about these costly workplace issues at a Sunshine Coast business industry leader’s forum being presented by expert Janine Lee, Domestic Violence Business Solutions.

Janine says, “The reality is, most corporate leaders and staff don’t have sufficient education to understand or recognise the horrific financial and social impacts domestic and family violence is silently having in the workplace right now, every day”.

Staff are being silently exposed to violence and abuse at work through unwanted emails, messaging, phone calls and often stalking. To help employees, Janine is sharing with businesses some simple actions how to become better informed to educate staff, knowing their responses can help anyone in the workplace, easily and safely.

She says, “everyone can contribute and make a real difference by having safe, simple conversations when you instinctively think something isn’t quite right”.  By asking the person you are concerned about if they are OK and listening to them without judgement, you are showing them you’ve noticed and you really care. “That is sometimes all it takes to remove a common feeling of total isolation and can change someone’s life for the better.”

The good news is we can all do something and our responses do not have to be costly.

With 23 years of international experience working as a detective and leading prevention specialist of family violence, Janine is passionate about reducing domestic violence in workplaces across Australia.

Having worked directly with victims and their families for years to protect them from harm, Janine is now here to help Australian businesses develop safer, more cost-effective workplaces free from violence – building better businesses and safer workplaces.

“Enhancing Trust and Confidence – Creating Safer, More Connected Workplaces”

Event Hosted by: Julie Bannister, Key Business Connections
Presented by: Janine Lee, Domestic Violence Business Solutions
Kawana Surf Club 2nd November 7.50am


[1] PWC 2015, A High Price to Pay: The economic case for preventing violence against women, viewed on 26 October 2018,

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