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Janine Lee

Hello, I’m  Janine Lee, Founder & Director of Domestic Violence Business Solutions.

With 24+ year’s experience working with victims and perpetrators to save lives and make a difference for at risk individuals, children and their families, I am extremely passionate about saving lives, while simultaneously helping organisations thrive.

My career began in 1994 with the New Zealand Police as a sworn officer.

Working in a variety of roles and ranks, my passion for protecting victims from serious harm and even death led to serious crime investigations as a Detective in 2004. I quickly moved to leadership positions, training teams of investigators and leading high profile criminal investigations with a high success rate across New Zealand.

In 2015 I  worked on the New Zealand Police National Family Violence Team at Police National Headquarters, providing leadership, mentorship, direction and guidance to staff and external stakeholders internationally, and across national, district and service levels.

Victoria Beresford

Policy Advisor for NSW reported matters

Hello, I’m Victoria Beresford, and like Janine, I am also a former police officer. I have over 18 years of experience in law enforcement in NSW, Australia. Most of my experience has been in management positions, including six years as a commissioned officer at the rank of Inspector.

In 2016 I hung up my uniform to start an executive leadership and development consultancy called Performance Plus Consulting.

Just like Janine, I am passionate about make a difference in the lives of women, children and men trapped in a cycle of family and domestic violence. It with great pride that I join Janine’s team to provide advice and support concerning matters that fall within the police jurisdiction of NSW.

Victoria Beresford

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