DvWORK™ Best Practice Program to Support Employees

Our unique DvWork™ program has been designed to provide business leaders with the necessary domestic violence knowledge and practice tools to comply with their duty of care obligations. Our unique methodology and strategies will not only create a safe and supportive workplace for people affected by domestic violence and abuse, but it will accelerate employee engagement across the entire organisation. 

Our DvWork™ program is client-focused, which means our strategies are custom-made to meet your particular corporate needs. We believe an “out of the box” approach rarely works, so we always start with our unique DvWork™ Health Check. This diagnostic process can be modified to your specific requirements and involves reviewing and collecting qualitative and quantitative data from within your organisation. 

Depending on the complexity, size and geographical location of your business, the diagnosis process takes a minimum of two days to complete on-site at your primary work location. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so, as we complete the diagnosis process, we are looking for opportunities where we can make simple adjustments, or enhance existing policies and procedures.  

Our goal is to build a picture of your HR management systems as it applies to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), relevant domestic violence legislation, and duty of care obligations towards vulnerable workers. 

Once we have analysed your data, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes an action plan and training options. The report will also include various options for implementing our recommendations, which including: a full inhouse implementaion service, ‘train the trainer’ packages and public training options in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

But there is more!

Once you complete your initial training with us, you will get exclusive access to other premium services, including our online DV and workplace training platform, which is due for release in mid-2020.

Three tiers of Dv Business Solutions Services

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