DvSAFER™ Program Protecting Individuals at Work and Home

Domestic and family violence can affect any person regardless of age, gender, education, sexual orientation, job title, social-economic background, culture or religion.

The impact of domestic violence is extensive. It can impact people in many different ways causing social isolation, unemployment, homelessness, financial destitution, injury and sometimes death.

What happens at home desk not stay behind closed doors. The effect of violence and abuse inevitably impact our communities, our schools and our workplaces.

Historically, the role of managing this hidden epidemic has fallen to law enforcement, community and health services, etc. But the heavy emotional and social toll domestic violence and abuse take on the workplace can no longer be ignored.

Workplace health safety legislation and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) has extended the employer’s duty of care. Companies and organisations in the private and public sector are required now required to provide and maintain domestic violence systems in the workplace.

If someone in your workplace is impacted by domestic violence and abuse, what would you do? 

Our DvSafer program has been designed to answer this exact question

Our team of highly experieced experts can deliver specialist safety management programs for workers experiencing domestic violence.

Our services include:

  • Corporate risk assessments as it applies to domestic violence.
  • Review of safety management systems (SMS) as it applies to domestic violence and workplace violence.
  • Safety plans for individual employees at risk of harm, including identification of offences and assistance in reporting matters to police or lawyers for private prosecution.
  • Investigation packages prepared including the collection of evidence, preparation of affidavits and other procedural documents.
  • Referral to specialist support networks.
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