Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services allow you to implement programs and integrate domestic violence workplace solutions. We will work hand-in-hand with you using our specific mentoring methodology to help business leaders create a safer and more supportive workplace for your business and employees.

We offer whole-of-organisation strategies, mentoring business leaders how to operationalise best practice.

Our program will equip your business with the necessary knowledge, policy and practice tools to manage impacts of domestic violence in your workplace and associated organisational risks more effectively.

What happens at home impacts your workplace.

Domestic and family violence is no longer a private issue happening behind closed doors at home.

It is everyone’s business and a public issue likely to be costing your workplace large sums of money.

We will work together to:

  • Implement immediate people safety responses to support employees experiencing violence and abuse
  • Implement whole of organisation workplace safety solutions using our 5C Domestic Violence Management System
  • Manage your people risks, implement duty of care and legal responsibilities
  • Create solutions to manage employees using (or who may be using) unauthorised company time and resources from the workplace to facilitate domestic violence and abuse

Are you ready to build higher performing teams where employees feel valued, respected and accepted?

Are you ready to develop engaged, workplace communities?

Are you ready to create a more connected, caring culture saving you valuable time and money?

If you answered YES then please contact us today! 

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