Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services allow you to implement and integrate workplace solutions, by working with us hand-in-hand, over a specific period of time, to create a safer and more supportive workplace for your business and employees.

We offer a whole-of-organisation approach through an easy-to -implement 8 Step Primary Prevention Workplace Response Model.

Our model will equip your business with the necessary knowledge, policy and practice tools to manage impacts of domestic violence in your workplace and associated organisational risks more effectively.

What happens at home impacts your workplace.

Domestic and family violence is no longer a private issue happening behind closed doors at home.

It is everyone’s business and a public issue likely to be impacting your workplace on many levels.

We will work together to:

  • Create workplace safety plans
  • Conduct domestic violence workplace investigations
  • Develop domestic and family violence induction content
  • Contribute towards your corporate responsibilities and strategies
  • Develop/enhance domestic and family violence workplace policy to create safer and more supportive working environments
  • Create solutions to manage staff using (or who may be using)unauthorised company time and resources from the workplace to facilitate domestic violence and abuse
  • Implement external workplace referral pathways to enable you to obtain help from experts to better support your employees exposed to domestic and family violence

? Are you ready to build optimal success to develop the trust and confidence of all your staff?

? Are you ready to foster a culture of change, creating respectful and equitable working environments saving you valuable time and money?

If you answered YES to either or both of these questions then please get in touch! 

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