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Hello, I’m  Janine Lee, Founder & CEO of Domestic Violence Business Solutions Pty Ltd.

With 24+ year’s experience working with victims and perpetrators to save lives and make a difference for at risk individuals, children and their families, I am extremely passionate about saving lives, while simultaneously helping organisations thrive.

My career began in 1994 with the New Zealand Police as a sworn officer.

Working in a variety of roles and ranks, my passion for protecting victims from serious harm and even death led to serious crime investigations as a Detective in 2004. I quickly moved to leadership positions, training teams of investigators and leading high profile criminal investigations with a high success rate across New Zealand.

In 2015 I was honoured to be selected to work on the New Zealand Police National Family Violence Team at Police National Headquarters, providing leadership, mentorship, direction and guidance to staff and external stakeholders at national, district and service levels.

Upon the release of acknowledgement of domestic violence through sources such as the Royal Commission into Family Violence in Australia, I packed up my belongings and moved permanently to Australia in early 2018, recognising I could make an even bigger difference here.

Now working on a national level, I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with Australian organisations to create better businesses and safer workplaces.

The only way forward to tackling this massive issue is through effective solutions that target the roots of violence at its core, keep victims safe, and provide employers with the knowledge and tools to significantly reduce costs within the workplace.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to create a customised solution for your organisation.

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Janine Lee

Curriculum Vitae | Snapshot


Queensland Private Licensed Investigator

Licence 4245755

New Zealand Private Licensed Investigator

Licence 18-04999

Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S),

University of Waikato, New Zealand

Diploma of New Zealand Policing


Experienced Criminal Investigator and Training Facilitator

Founder and CEO – Domestic Violence Business Solutions Pty Ltd.

With 24 years industry experience working as a national leading prevention specialist of domestic violence and Detective for the New Zealand Police, Janine Lee CEO and Founder has:

  • Delivered safety solutions and high risk protection to numerous victims and their families of domestic violence, sexual violence and child protection throughout her career
  • Provided national Domestic Violence policy and practice leadership, direction and guidance to New Zealand Police staff at national, district, service centre levels and external cross-government stakeholders
  • Led investigation teams to resolve multiple high-profile criminal cases
  • Led Domestic & Family Violence related projects on behalf of the New Zealand Police including the publication of new ‘Victim Relocation’ national policy and practice guidelines


Domestic Violence Business Solutions


We are honest and proud to do the right thing, even when the choice isn’t easy. Our priority is to build trust and confidence in others. We will never compromise our values and will demonstrate consistency at all times.
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We take pride in developing better leaders, decision makers and inbedding improved responses within businesses to create safer and more supportive work environments, free from violence. We guarantee you will be left with the guidance and resources you need to reduce organizational risk and mitigate violence in the workplace.
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We are proud to represent Domestic Violence Business Solutions in a caring, competent and professional manner, in order to enhance the personal safety of others through the business community. We guarantee the utmost quality and care in getting the job done, utilising our specialised knowledge and proven experience.
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We hold ourselves to account for our work and actions to keep others safe and reduce cumulative harm. We let our actions speak for who we are and what we believe in. We guarantee to honour our commitments and provide consistency and dependability.
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We value the diversity of all individuals, and guarantee to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that guides the enhancement of individual safety. We encourage two-way conversation at all levels of any organisation.
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We build trust by listening with empathy and with understanding of the experiences and opinions of others. We are open, honest and will never condone misleading or deceptive conduct. We aspire to attain the confidence of all clients so we can mindfully take action and protect others
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